A few things about kay

To Thine Own Self be True

This Shakespearean quote was the central guiding principal of Kay's life. She quoted it every so often. Kay lived her life from a conviction in the sacredness of her own personality. Never one to follow the herd, she was uncompromising in her ideals and freedom of personal expression.  The authenticity, intelligence, courage and noble style with which Kay lived her life was an inspiration for others to do the same in theirs. 

"My candle burns at both its ends..."

in 1922. shortly after Kay was born, Edna St Millay  an American poet and feminist wrote the following  lines in a poem, they became her anthem in life: She never held back but instead embraced all of Life with enthusiasm, style and grace. She always worked hard with seemingly unlimited energy and her Life's Candle always burned brightly from every end.

" My candle burns at both its ends,

It will not last the night.

But oh my friends and oh my foes,

It gives such lovely light."

The Importance of Beauty

Kay had an natural innate sense of the beautiful in this world. She recognized beauty in th world around her with her artist's sensibility, She was drawn to beauty, it moved her, inspired her, she swam in it  and it flowed back from her  into the world through her creative expressions in an endless effortless celebration.  Kay deeply experienced  the Radiance behind beauty in the world.

Ahead of Her Time

Kay was a Futurist - a person who was open to, and welcomed the future with optimistic anticipation.  While she had a deep love of  traditions and  history,  and felt strongly connected to the past, she was never one to be lost in nostalgia.  Kay's gaze was always raised upward as she leaned expectantly into the future with great anticipation. She was forever curious to see "whats next".

Kay had a kind of Promethean spirit and vision of human potential and of  the endless possibilities that lay ahead. She was a civilized and humanitarian soul truly concerned about the welfare of the world and those within it.

A True Original

Born into a more conventional era - particularly for women - Kay was a pioneer.  Both a career woman and an inspired resourceful mother -  she challenged limiting roles and stereotypes. Hitting the corporate glass ceiling in world's largest Ad agency, Kay started her own successful Advertising Agency taking a number of big clients with her. She treasured originality and was progressive -always  looking to move forward, to grow, to evolve. She especially loved to encourage other women to succeed and was a mentor and role model to many. 

Open Heart, Open Mind

Kay came into the world with an open heart and open mind. She was genuine. The real deal. She lived as  a unique individual and appreciated the variety and otherness she found in life - people, places and things. Never judgmental , always open to new places and people.  Kay was comfortable in the world with all its  changes, complexity and challenges.  She was giving and generous with her time and resources to the wider community and those in need.