words from Kay by the bay

A few years ago  as Kay was about to turn 90 she sat at the bar in the California Wine Merchant, her son Greg's wine bar.  A  woman sat down next to Kay who was wearing her favorite black leather pants and pink leather jacket.  They started to converse.  Before long , the woman, captivated by Kay and her conversation, had whipped out a notebook and began to scribble madly. Kay was sharing words of her wisdom with this younger woman, Amber, a writer, who was in her late 20s. Amber later sent us a copy of what Kay had shared. and now we share them with you - here are Kay's sage words of wisdom at the dawn of her 10th decade while out on th town in her beloved San Francisco,  glass of cabernet in her hand, riffing like a jazz musician to a rapt audience, on the song of her life.

The next 24 hours

I am so excited! [ why?] Because of the next 24 hours.  Its a wonderful journey to take, don't you think? - the next 24 hours!

Make the Best of Things

Make the best of things that come to you. Otherwise change them.

On Being Light

Make light of everything.  Because you never know whats next.

Use What You've Got

If you've got it, use it.  If you don't use it what good is it to you?

Open your Mind

Keep an open mind. Remember what you learn. Then use it.